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Stay Cool This Summer with an Air Conditioning

It’s officially summertime! Summers in the Pacific Northwest are as beautiful and warm as the winters are freezing and unforgiving – and seasonal energy expenses are high. Just when you’ve gotten a breather from a crazy oil bill, your summer energy costs start rising with the temperatures. The solution? An air conditioner the hot summer.

Since our inception, BTU Mechanical has stood for heating and cooling comfort, dependability, and reliability. We’re proud to be certified dealers of Goodman and Daikin air conditioning that is designed and manufactured using the latest HVAC technology to ensure ultimate comfort, greater energy efficiency, and convenience.

Comfortable cooling for your home

A good number of homes in the Pacific Northwest don’t have central cooling, which leaves us looking for dependable ways to cool our homes, room by room. Many homeowners also find themselves frustrated with the inefficiencies of their installed centralized ductwork systems and are looking for greener alternatives to central air conditioning. Whichever condition you are in, we have the perfect cooling solution for you this summer. daikin ductless, mini-split, air source heat pumps provide a ton of advantages over the traditional central air conditioning or window unit cooling systems.

Our home comfort systems use comfort technology to deliver perfectly cooled air during summer and perfectly heated air during winter with unprecedented energy efficiency.

Customized room by room comfort

Why pay to cool your home when you only utilize a few rooms in your home at a time? With our Goodman/Daikin heat pumps, you can condition the rooms you mostly live in while minimizing energy costs in the places you hardly use such as guest rooms. Plus INVERTER-driven compressors automatically change with the temperature to provide your home with the perfect cooling comfort while only using energy that’s needed.

Do you have hot or cold problem rooms?

A Recent American Home Comfort Study showed that about 67 percent of homes in the United States have a particular room that’s too hot during summer and consequently too cold during winter. This is the most common problem with centralized duct cooling and heating systems. We can help you solve this issue with a Daikin heat pump mini split system that provides individualized heating to specific rooms.

Choosing the right air conditioner

Choosing the right air conditioner for your cooling needs this summer is only part of the equation, correct and professional installation is one of the vital determinants of how your cooling unit is going to perform. In addition to dealing with the best quality heat pumps at BTU Mechanical, Inc. we have a great team of professional HVAC technicians who are well experienced in working with all types of heat pumps.

Proper installation can optimize your heat pumps performance thus reducing your utility costs. We also provide scheduled maintenance and repairs on heat pumps to ensure they continue providing you with cooling and heating comfort for years to come.

You can contact us if you are in Tacoma, Lakewood, Graham, Puyallup, Bonney Lake and Orting for all your heat pump needs and we will ensure your home gets the cooling comfort you so desire this summer. Contact Us Today at (253) 302-4940 or by contact form here.