Commercial Refrigeration & HVAC

Commercial appliances are critical for the day-to-day operation of such enterprises as restaurants, hotels, clubs, and many other organizations which include food preparation as one of the services provided to customers. The heavy-duty appliances needed for food preparation take in a broad range of commercial machinery, including commercial cooking equipment, commercial refrigeration, commercial ovens, commercial work tables, food-holding and warming equipment, commercial ice equipment, and dish-washing equipment.

Since all this equipment is essential to the daily requirements of these establishments as well as their long-term success, it makes good sense to keep them running in tip-top shape, and ready to meet the demands of normal operation. That’s why it’s a great idea to have an arrangement with a local contractor who can provide kitchen appliances repair and commercial kitchen maintenance for restaurants, hotels, and more.

Having a relationship of trust and confidence in your commercial appliances contractor would also make them the preferred company to buy brand new equipment from as well. For all new sales of commercial equipment, as well as any kind of regular servicing, BTU Mechanical is the company to remember for businesses in the area around Steilacoom, Kent, Graham, University Place, Tacoma, Puyallup, and Seattle.

Refrigeration and freezers 

Whether your establishment has the walk-in variety of cooler or freezer, or just large refrigerators and freezer units, these must be kept operating efficiently at all times, since they generally store a high volume of meats, fruits, vegetables, and other foodstuffs. If anything goes wrong with these units, it could be very costly for your business, because food can quickly be spoiled and unusable. Regular maintenance and service will spot any developing problems, and these can be corrected before it results in a disastrous financial loss.

Warming and chilling stations 

Restaurants rely on chilling stations to keep salads fresh and appealing for patrons, and warming stations provide the same service for keeping cooked or baked goods hot and tasty. If your business is one which counts on these convenient food stations for generating appeal with patrons, keeping your food stations operating optimally is critical. Should anything go wrong with your commercial food stations, or if it’s time to invest in new ones, the firm to contact first in the region should be BTU Mechanical.

Commercial ovens 

There aren’t many scenarios that would be more damaging to your business than losing the use of your main oven for all the baked goods and other hot foods being served to your customers daily. Some food service organizations use steam-cooking equipment, while others use combination ovens and commercial microwave ovens to prepare piping hot entrees and side dishes for hungry patrons, and the highly skilled technicians at BTU Mechanical have experience in servicing all these.

Dish washers 

They may not be anyone’s first thought when it comes to food service, but commercial dishwashers are a big part of keeping a restaurant or club operating smoothly. Just imagine if dishes had to be stacked up all day long, because of a broken-down dishwasher! Some manual washing might keep up for a while, but a commercial dishwasher is really indispensable to any major food service enterprise. Make sure yours is always ready for the day’s requirements by keeping it serviced and operating up to manufacturer’s specifications.