Commercial Refrigeration & HVAC

Commercial Refrigeration

Businesses in northwest Washington state which require commercial refrigeration units to preserve foods and beverages are some of the best clients of BTU Mechanical LLC, one of the region’s foremost HVAC contractors for the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial heating and cooling systems. Servicing a great many cities and towns in the area, including Puyallup, Graham, Kent, Tacoma, Seattle, Tukwila, University Place, and Steilacoom, we offer the best professional services through our staff of highly trained specialists.

We understand at BTU Mechanical that your business can’t afford to have refrigeration units go offline for any length of time, or you would have the potential to suffer losses with your food and beverage assets, so we make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to repair calls. For our regular maintenance clients, we also provide the very best service to keep your critical systems running at their peak, and keeping foods fresh and appetizing.

Below are some types of commercial refrigeration units which we excel at servicing:

  • Coolers – some commercial coolers are very large and require considerable energy to keep a high volume of contents chilled to the proper temperature. Whatever the size of your cooler, our technicians have been trained to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.
    Freezers – goods which need to be stored for longer periods of time require freezing to preserve foodstuffs, and must be maintained at the appropriate temperature, which our specialists are well prepared for.
  • Walk-in Coolers – these large-style coolers must be capable of chilling a large amount of food or drink, and since so much depends on proper temperature control, expert maintenance should be retained at all times.
  • Walk-in Freezers – roomy walk-ins generally have a high volume of frozen foods inside, which means you can’t afford to have a malfunction with your freezer unit. For dependability of service, maintenance agreement with BTU Mechanical is the way to go.
    Beverage Cooling Systems – restaurants and other beverage-serving businesses need to be sure that their beverage cooling equipment is up to snuff at all times, since customers demand appropriately chilled drinks. Our service personnel are all skilled in the proper care of this kind of equipment.
  • Ice Machines/Ice Makers – especially in warm weather, restaurant customers insist on iced beverages to quench their thirst and cool off, so no food service business should be without well-functioning ice-makers, which our technicians can ensure for your business.
    Deli/Display Cases – deli foods are on display at all times for potential customers to observe and be enticed by, and that means the deli case must have proper temperature control without interruption. To be sure your deli business has this kind of assurance, take advantage of our regular BTU Mechanical maintenance service.
  • Meat Poultry Cases – meat and poultry cases require proper chilling to keep foods fresh for as long as possible, and to prevent the formation of any harmful bacteria. When customer appeal and customer health is at stake, you should rely on BTU Mechanical to keep things running well.
  • Under-counter Units – while customers may not see these units, foods placed in them must still be preserved for optimal serving, and that calls for a trained technician like those at our company.
    Prep Tables – refrigerated prep tables can serve chilled salads and other foods which require temperature control in order to be served at their best. Keep your prep tables ready for service with our regular maintenance attention.
    Pizza Prep Tables – much like generic prep tables, pizza prep tables need refrigeration so as to keep all ingredients at optimum temperature right up to the time of their actual inclusion in the pizza.